Ideas for decorating your garden at home

Ideas for decorating your garden at home

Plan carefully, to good use the money you set aside for landscaping your yard…

Sketch your yard and turn on the contours of your home, along with all terraces, paths, driveways, areas under flowers and retaining walls. Add features that you want, and then divide the project into phases so that you can work a little bit and so reduce the amount of money you need to spend at once. Consider consultation with a landscape architect and show him your sketches. You can get expert advice for a lot less money than you would need if you left his job from scratch.

Usepebbles, concrete slabs or poured concrete for the cheapest routes. If you use gravel, select pieces of angular gravel or crushed stone, for a minimum of slipping under their feet. Avoid looking pebbles or other smooth stone. Destroy weeds to see it to appear.

2. Equip the existing terrace or courtyard inexpensive outdoor seating and occasional tables. Find furniture on sale in big stores or buy used furniture through advertisements. Good deals can often be found at the end of the year. Decorate the area of a floor covering or carpet, potted plants, and perhaps some piece of wall art. Add flares, lamps, lanterns or candles for evening ambience.

3. Add the water element, which you make yourself. Equipment for garden water elements can be purchased in stores equipment for house and you can easy install in your backyard or patio. Make a retaining wall wherever needed, using concrete blocks with textured designed for this purpose. Fences that will decorate the vines are another simple addition and can be charming and create privacy.

4. Sharpen mower blades approximately every six weeks during the summer months, so the lawn remains healthy. Use a fertilizer for lawn, which will help him to stay green.

5. Outline a new flower garden hose to achieve modern rounded shape.

6. Invest most of your budget in plants, bushes,forest… Plant annuals, and this is less than you think you need. You can divide them next year and then fill in the flower garden. Start seeds of plants indoors, the purchase of plants and trees in late summer when they are on sale.

Often it pays to invest in the biggest trees you can afford it, because it is slowly growing, and larger trees have more influence on the landscape. However, carefully explore. In some species, smaller ones less annoying than transplanting large trees, and will actually grow faster.

Colors in your yard by planting the easiest way to enter several kinds of herbs. Nothing can be more beautiful than flowers.

Decorate every detail in the yard.A popular trick is to make the port of wooden beams over which will let you grow climbing roses and similar plants, for placing a mirror that will make it look as if the garden continued through an arch covered with flowers. At the bottom of the pond set special underwater lights that will operate at night and magically attract you to stay in the garden.

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Home improvement – Childproof your home

Home improvement – Childproof your home

If you are the parents of a newborn, or a child aged from zero to four, then you probably worry endlessly about their safety. The thing you worry the most is your baby getting hurt by other people, from kidnappers and violence, but statistics show that the most dangerous place for a child is your home. In order to keep your child safe from itself you should take some preemptive measures. We are talking of course about improving your home in a childproofing way. Follow this article and learn how to easily take away the potential threats to the child in your home.

First thing you should do before you take any steps in childproofing your home is to ”scope out the territory”. Get down on all fours and try to get the baby-view of the house. Crawl around and see what looks interesting, what is within reach and what might cause a potential threat. Secondly, lock away or put on high places poisonous chemicals you use in everyday life, this includes medicine, cleaning products, vitamins and so on. Also don’t forget to lock away any sharp objects like knives.

After you have scoped all the places your child can reach or open, make sure to take away any item that can cause a potential choking hazard, remove everything that is small enough for a baby to put in its mouth, to this situation you can apply a trick as to whatever can pass through a toilet paper roll is small enough.
Even though you have applied all these changes, have in mind that guests didn’t apply them to themselves, so if you have visitors, don’t let your child poke through their belongings.
Now, a very big step in home improvement is protecting the outlets. Don’t mistake protecting your electrical outlets with outlet covers for a good idea. The covers can easily come off and end up in your baby’s mouth. The best way to do this is change the outlets with the ones that include a sliding safety latch.

If you have protected your child from getting electrocuted, the next step should be protecting them from objects falling on them. For this you will need to find out which of the objects in your house are climbable and easily tipped over. Once you’ve identified them, you will need to secure them with earthquake-proof and anti-tip straps.
Good way to secure furniture from falling over is to concentrate the heavy stuff in bottom drawers so they have more balance.
The last thing we will talk about in this article is how to keep children away from the corners of you house, stairs or other places you think may cause them harm. Installing gates is a great way to restrict or allow access to the certain parts of home, unfortunately, if done wrong, it may cause more harm than prevent it. It’s best to buy brand new safety gates.

Remember, no matter how much work you have done in childproofing your home, nothing is as good as adult supervision.

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5 Home Improvements that Can Increase Your Home Value

5 Home Improvements that Can Increase Your Home Value

In order to make your home more comfortable, you can make several home improvements without moving out. Some of the improvements can add worth to your house, while others can reduce it. So, what improvements you should make, and which you should not?

Here are few useful tips for making improvements to your home that will surely increase the price of your home. Also, you will see which projects you should avoid.

FourHome Improvements That Can Increasethe Value of Your Home:

Remodeling the Kitchen

Great number of people assume kitchen to be the most important room in the home and this is way it is profitable. Make sure you do not make your kitchen classier than the other parts of your home.


Why You Shouldn’t Invest in a Deluxe Kitchen

For instance, many people invest lots of money into remodeling their kitchen; it becomes enormous, includes appliances and counters that remind of a fancy restaurant or bar. If the size and quality of the whole kitchen including the furniture inside does not fit in with the other rooms than these houses do not sell so easily.

  1. Energy-Efficient Appliances

Why it would be a good idea to replace old appliances with those that are energy-efficient? Simply because they are better for the environment; more profitable because they do not need as much energy.

  1. Bathroom Addition

You may also add another bathroom in order to increase the value of your home. You can add bathroom to any extra room you can find in your house; even closets, or free space under the stairs, can become a bathroom. In order to save up some money when doing this kind of project, you should regularly check Lowe’s and Home Depot because they always offer discounts on sinks, tubs, toilets, doors, fixtures,  etc.

  1. Reinventing a Room

You can always reinvent some of the extra rooms you do not use on a daily basis. For instance, you can always make a basement or the attic a bedroom. This project can be good for your finances if, for example, you rent that room.


  1. Adding Energy-Efficient Windows

As a homeowner, you should always think of buying things for your home that are energy-efficient. As far as windows are concerned, you should forget about those old and drafty windows. There are Energy Star-rated windows that can help you save up some money that you would otherwise spent on heating and cooling bills. According to some studies, you can increase the value of your home from 60% up to 90% after upgrading your home with windows that are energy efficient. Average price of adding new windows to your house is approximately $ 7,500 to $ 10,000. However if one new window saves up several 100$ per year, and your tax credit is recouped, then you will be able to recoup the investment in windows, as well.




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6 ways to embellish home

6 ways to embellish home


Winter has already lasted too long and you certainly cannot wait to let the sun shine in your home. While you’re counting the days until the beginning of spring, enrich, tuck and beautify your home. It’s easy and does not require a large financial investment. Here’s what you can do.

1. TO COVER ALL FLOORS with carpets

imagesaaUncovered floors give the impression of coldness and therefore in each room, lobby and even in the kitchen put a rug.  Pay attention on the choice of colors, and the design to preserve harmony. The best effect will be achieved by choosing floor coverings texturized and warm colors. Uncovered floors give the impression of coldness and therefore in each room, lobby and even in the kitchen put a rug.  Pay attention on the choice of colors, and the design to preserve harmony. The best effect will be achieved by choosing floor coverings texturized and warm colors.

2. Set the picture at eye level

idee-darredoIf your paintings on the walls are too high, your home will seem cold and sterile. To they really become part of the interior, hang them at the right height – at eye level or slightly higher. Before you hang them, do a little experiment and improvise. Compose them on the floor, and then upload the picture to the wall.

3. Replace the cushions

Scatter_cushionsIf your furniture uneventful, the room will look cold. The easiest way to break the monotony is with colorful cushions that should be spread over the sitting and that should create contrasting with the basic furniture. Pillows with earth tones, brown or tan will make your home warm and snug. If you add candles in those colors you will give an impression of nature in your home.


VMFA_Tiffany_LampsProper use of lighting will make your working and living space richer and more pleasant. Before you reach for your wallet, you should know that discreet light floor, wall or table lamps create a far stronger sense of warmth than direct light chandeliers. However, not all lamps make the same effect. Lamps with a yellowish-brown lampshade with a warm glow give to the room a touch of sophistication and encourage good mood.

In the corners of the dining room put a high lamp on the sideboard in the living room small table lamps, and beside the bed in the bedroom wall lamps that give a discreet, dim light.

5. CHOOSE conspicuous details

mosaic7248b3d3263834ae6cd96445ff1e56d0bc9197b1Sometimes it’s just one small but showy enough detail will make that the entire room has a new, friendlier look. Great effect you will achieve with a new orange tablecloth on the table in the living room, a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit in matt, colored clay. Details are those one that are the most important for the whole picture, they make it complete. And the best thing about them is that they are easy to change.

6. grouped SOUVENIRS

da1a098312a54800b346ff57b3331805Books, dolls, figurines travel deployed all over the place have attracted attention as elements that create mess in the house. Organize them and make them an arrangement in a separate nook and you’ll be amazed with the effect.Try to arrange themby the regions from which you brought them, they will come whenever you look back good memories that warm the soul.



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10 ways to improve your house for selling

10 ways to improve your house for selling

If you intend to sell your home and you are not satisfied by the price that you are getting, then you should probably invest some money into remodeling so you can get better price.


1. Spend an hour whit an interior designer, let him come to your home and look everything around. He can give you some useful tip from where to begin and on which things you should pay most attention. Their hourly fee is less than a 100$

2. Juma-Some-Important-Tax-Tips-for-Selling-Your-Home-300x262  Paint all rooms. Freshly painted room look more neat and clean, they will give your house a new look. You only have to choose appropriate colors and start painting.

3.  Browse the web. If you are operating on tight budget then this is perfect solution for you. You can find dozens of ideas online that you can do it by yourself and in that way you will save the money.

4. Improve your landscape. Neatly mow law, you can plant some tree in your backyard or even create small oasis whit different kinds of plants and flowers. In that way your garden or backyard will have more calming and appealing effect.

5. Update your bathroom. Even small changes can be efficient. Change the light or replace the titles or you can even buy new toilets. Whatever you choose to do it will centrally give it a new look. House-buying-company-1 6. Redecorate your kitchen. Every penny you invest here will pay its double. Future buyers always look in what state the kitchen is. You can replace old stained stove or you can remove some of the cabinets that you don’t use. You will gain a bigger space.

7. Replace old carpets. It’s not a relay a pretty sight when you see on the floors old and stained carpets. You should buy carpets that have nice texture and pleasant color. In that way you are not only changing the looks of your floors but you are keeping your house fresh and aired.

8. Create space. Remove everything that you don’t use form the house. It’s only making your house look messier and it’s taking you up the space. You can sell all the old stuff or you can give them to somebody or even throw them away.
9.  Check your plumbing system. Call the plumber to check all the pipes. It’s important to have secure house. And avoid all risks of leaking water that can only give humidity to the house and ruin the walls.

10. Check the roof. This is probably one of the most important things you need to do. If you are having a leaking roof you will need to fix that immediately. This type of matter can cause you all sorts of troubles. And the biggest one is dark stains on ceilings. And this will cost you lot of money to repair that.

These were the few basic tips, but considering in which state of your house is some of them can be very useful. Happy selling!


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